Dave Brat’s Democrat Opponent Flip Flops On Immigration

When the Richmond Times-Dispatch’s Jeff Shapiro took a swing at Congressman Dave Brat, SCRC chairman set the record straight and fired back a letter to the editor exposing Brat’s Democrat opponent and her recent flip-flop on immigration.

Link and full text below:

“Spanberger changed tune after securing nomination
Editor, Times-Dispatch:

Abigail Spanberger is flip-flopping on immigration. At the Culpeper Democratic Committee forum last month, she courted open-borders progressives by declaring her support for amnesty for illegal aliens. She declared, “It is an issue of how our communities are built.”

So, imagine my surprise a month later when the progressive candidate, now having secured the Democratic nomination, is declaring on Twitter, “We can enforce our immigration laws.”

Which is it? Amnesty like she proposed to fellow progressives in May? Or enforcing current immigration laws?

Spanberger can’t have it both ways. But this is often the case after primaries. Candidates like Spanberger will try to hide their progressive agenda and rebrand themselves to win over voters this fall.

Meanwhile, Rep. Dave Brat continues to remain consistent in his mission to secure our borders through commonsense immigration reform.

Just last week, 20 Republicans offered a compromise immigration bill containing language comparable to the very same bills that the Democrats offered when they had the majorities. Even when facing heat from the national debate over illegal immigration, Brat publicly opposed this bill because it was too weak in securing our borders.

Meanwhile, the hypocrisy of congressional Democrats was in full display as they opposed the bill — even though it contains much of the same language in bills they’ve proposed before — in order to keep the crisis alive.

By flip-flopping her position on illegal immigration, progressive Spanberger is taking a page from her Democratic allies in Congress. Their different responses to illegal immigration says a lot about the contrasts between her and Brat.” – Spotsylvania County Republican Committee Chairman Dustin Curtis.


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